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Facetime Piping

Well it was meant to be a normal gig, but you are never sure until it happens. The brief was; some piping for Austrian and Dutch Motorcyclists holidaying at The Lovat on Lochness, Fort Augustus. It was their last night before returning home and so they wanted a traditional Scottish memory to take with them. Piper on Parade was ‘just the ticket’.

The piper turned up in all his glory; shiny brogues and highly polished medals and bling. He knew it was going to be fun as he was accosted the moment he stepped out of his car. Leather clad motorcyclists and their partners with numerous cameras and phones swarmed around. He had posed a dozen times before playing or finding the front door to the venue.

It turned out that the President of the Dutch Puch Motorcycle Club had arranged, as a surprise for his club members, Piper on Parade to call along and give a few tunes before dinner. So having managed to fight his way through the happy throng he set about tuning up, that didn’t stop the photographs. It seemed he just had to breathe and it was captured for posterity!

Once the pipes were ‘singing’ the group all stood around expectedly. The piper ‘struck up’ the pipes and began playing a few of the old foot tapping favourites! That’s when it happened, an immediate sea of phones in the air all lit up and waving about in Piper on Parades direction. It was like a One Direction concert! (not that Piper on Parade has been to one he adds quickly!!)

There proceeded to be a steady stream of photographs taken, numerous videos recorded, and the most surprising of all, numerous people had ‘Facetimed’ family and friends. They all wanted a good view of the Highland Piper it seemed, this resulted in phones being held close to his face, where his ‘blowing’ facial features were transmitted to happy smiling people in foreign lands, a most surreal experience for the Highland piper, and no doubt for those viewing the spectacle at the other end.

How times have changed, the audience may be global but the fun is just the same.