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“Poignant and Atmospheric”

Piping For Funerals & MemorialsIt is hard to find the joy in a funeral, even though in these modern times the trend is towards a celebration of the person’s life rather than an emphasis on the sadness at their recent passing – in any case loosing a loved one is never easy.

That is why, music at these times is quite rightly a matter of considerable thought – This may of course be a selection of appropriate psalms or hymns, which will undoubtedly offer support and comfort to family and friends, Or maybe as is becoming more popular, selecting a song or piece of music that stimulates a memory in all those who hear it, introducing a happy thought as those assembled remember an event or time in the loved one’s life.

Similarly the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipe on such occasions stimulates and creates a fitting opportunity for contemplation and remembrance. The pipes have been the instrument of choice for funerals in the Highlands for hundreds of years, historically a lament was played at the graveside but in more recent times a slow air or a favourite tune may be played. This may be as the coffin is conveyed away from the loved one’s home or service venue or at the graveside. What is particularly poignant and memorable is the piper striking up just as the coffin has been lowered into the grave, playing for a period of time before slowly turning and playing away into the distance leaving the mourners in contemplation by the graveside as the sound of the pipes fade away into the distance.

Whatever your request or thoughts, Piper on Parade will discuss the finer details with you and offer appropriate advise taking into account the full circumstances, ensuring respect throughout.

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There is no doubt that the playing of the Pipes on such an occasion adds great poignancy and atmosphere which is second to none, offering a fitting tribute to your loved one.

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